A Symphony of Blues

A symbol of constancy and truth; blue recedes like the far away sky.  It brings peace and tranquility to the spirit.  Blue can bring the promise of heaven and depth of sea.

Many cultures use blue as a protection against evil forces & as a healing colour. Viewing blue gives a calming effect, it can reduce blood pressure as well as can slow heart beat and respiration.

Dark blues carry the message of leadership & authority (why it’s often suggested to wear a blue suite to an interview or big meeting), while medium & grey blue appear sincere. Electric blues are active and playful while also being energizing and youthful.  Too much blue can be slightly depressing though..

When decorating with blue:

  • it’s recommended anywhere you’d prefer quiet & serenity
  • dark blue will work best in dens, home offices & libraries
  • warm blues are nicest in dens and family rooms
  • pale blues should be considered in bathrooms, as it is considered refreshing. However when using a pale blue it should be balanced with warm accents.

Blue is considered the most popular colour in the world from both men & women… and it looking around your home you probably will find a tone of the colour somewhere.  If not, give it time… it will appear somewhere!  Enjoy painting and remember, don’t be afraid of going BOLD & BRIGHT!

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