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Color Company & Our NEW On-line Store

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

We know life gets pretty hectic, and you can’t always make it in to one of our Color Company Signature Benjamin Moore and Para Paint stores when we’ve got the deal you’ve been waiting for. That’s why we launched our on line store! You can lock in the deals without leaving work or home. You simply purchase however many gallons of sale paint you think you might need, select which of our 3 stores you will be picking it up from, and complete your purchase.

When youScreenshot_2016-04-13-20-14-30-1‘ve decided on colours, and it’s time for you to start your project, just head into the Color Company store location you selected and we’ll tint up your paint. It’s just that easy….Buy it now, and have it tinted later. We’ll store your paint until you’re ready for it, and we will even gladly refund any un-tinted paint you haven’t used when your paint project is complete.

A little history….

Color Company Decorating Centres pioneered the original Buy it Now Tint it Later program well over a decade ago to offer a new level of choice and convenience to our friends and customers. It was a way that we could set ourselves apart from our competition, and remain unique in our ability to offer both a high fidelity, and high convenience paint and decorating shopping experience. We all like a great deal and a great value, but no one likes to be rushed and pushed into a decision- especially one as important as colour is in home decorating.  Today  Color Company and our Buy It Now Tint It Later slogan are virtually synonymous with each other and have helped us stand out from the crowd as the areas leading paint & decorating retail destinations. Our on-line store is just the next step in our evolution of Buy It Now Tint it Later and Color Company remaining unique, and convenient in our effort to continue to stand out and earn your loyalty. Give it a try during our Benjamin Moore Premium Paint sale May 12-15 2016!




Color Company Decorating Centres providing “inspiration through colour”




Home Exterior Updates… 5 Tips to get you started!

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Every homeowner knows how important curb appeal is  and there are always all sorts of questions about how to update the exterior of our homes. However sometimes it’s hard to know where to start;  should you put your budget toward new paint or your wilting gardens?  From painting, lawn care & planning we thought we’d go through a few great tips for an exterior update. (Not to mention something for everyone’s budget.)

Easy MaintenanceBasic cleanup can go a long way in changing the curb appeal of your home.  Think about the following points when you go about your curb appeal upgrade:

  • Give your exterior a good power wash
  • Touch up paint trim
  • Mow your lawn
  • Spread fresh mulch over flower and plant beds.

If you’re looking for a one-day fix up, take it down another level. If it’s an afternoon project we’d suggest repainting the front door and adding some potted plants or shrubs. Small items such as flowers, a new bench and a new welcome mat are quick and inexpensive ways to instantly add curb appeal to your home.

Make sure the landscape and the house are connected

Landscaping is often what makes the biggest difference in exterior appeal. Whether you’re aiming for a quick freshening up or a complete front yard overhaul, take the time to come up with a basic plan for your landscape. Aim for a good balance of lawn and plants. Avoid just putting sod down and calling it a day; create a transition from the house to the grade by using species that descend in height from the house. This will give the appearance that the house is married to the landscape rather than plopped on a lot.
Look for the sight lines in your yard. Get a visual from the curb or drive by the space you want to update. Identify the where, the viewpoint that will pull you and your guest outside.  If you don’t have time or a budget to plant anything new, do a big cleanup. Detail trees and shrubs, and edge flower beds. Add topsoil and mulch to even out the grade, and weed and get rid of dead plantings.

Refresh with exterior paint- (#1 on our list)


After landscaping, a new paint job is what’s next on the list! For the biggest and most inexpensive way to update an exterior make sure this is on your list! Keep your colour palette simple for the most dramatic effect. (Visit us in store at Color Company so we can help you find just the right colour for your place.) There’s nothing worse than a home with too many elements, textures and colours mixed together. Keep consistency and simplicity in mind to bring out the elegance and charm of your home.

Try and look at what can or what you want to have changed when it comes to colour — such as natural stone or brick that not everyone likes to paint (however it’s up to you on what you want for your space)  It’s been suggest that sticking with two or three colours for your palette; siding, trim and accent is best. If you’d like to use the three colour palette, be sure to balance where you want the accent colour so it doesn’t overwhelm the siding and trim colour.

Many believe that making the accent colour the darkest of the three colour choices is always the best way to go. Use your colour to emphasize the great parts of your house and draw the eye away from any negative features. If you’re in need of a colour consultation to make sure you’re comfortable with the combination of colours and where on the house they’ll be used we can also assist with that. Often we see the shutters, front door and garage highlight for emphasis of the curb appeal. However each home is unique.

When it comes to older homes, do your research

Updating any part of your home’s exterior should be done with care, but older houses can come with their fair share of challenges. Renovating the exterior can be a great way to verify that vapor barriers and insulation are up to date — and inspect window frames, gutters and trim for any damage.

Even painting can cause some problems. Painting on an older home can be difficult, depending on how many layers of paint are on and how well it’s been painted over time, if you’re looking to figure this out don’t hesitate to contact us to assist you. Dealing with past paint projects and various layers can cause more prep work and material cost however doing it right is always the best place to start and we’d be happy to make sure that is taking place.

Architectural details- respect these! Window shutters, molding around windows and doors, trim and other exterior details can all add interest to exterior styles. Energy-efficient windows, new trim, gutters and siding can improve performance as well as aesthetic. Anything that improves the building envelope as well as curb appeal will go a long way, especially if you’re looking at  selling your home.

If you have the budget and the roof could use some upgrades it’s definitely something to consider.  Roofing is often overlooked when it comes to the exterior of the home and the curb appeal. Always a nice plus if you are selling!

Who’s ready for a little more sunshine?

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Decorating With Yellow

“Use this happy hue to bring a sunny disposition to your space.”

Yellow is known to be such a positive colour… an inspiration we’ve seen in such iconic pieces as the YELLOW SUBMARINE, YELLOWPOKA DOT BIKIN, YELLOW BRICK ROAD and more recently the ever so popular LIVESTRONG YELLOW!

Lance Armstrong has been quoted  many times saying “Yellow wakes me up in the morning. Yellow gets me on my bike everyday. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice. Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow is the reason I am here.”

Depending on the amount of red or blue it contains, yellow can have different personalities. Yellows with a red undertone are warm and welcoming, so they’re great on large pieces of furniture and walls― Yellows with a hint of blue can come off as cold, so they’re best used sparingly, on accessories or small furnishings. But pale, buttery yellows “function as neutrals,”  and can work just about anywhere.

Yellow is a classic wall colour that really never goes out of style. I would suggest one of the following paint colours: PARA’s White Corn/ Corn Silk or Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight/ Lighthouse. Keep in mind that the paint colour will look different from room to room. It’s suggested that you test out a few colours you like on 1’ by 1’ piece of foam core or scrap wood first and look at them at different times of day in all the rooms you plan to paint. This process will also give you a good idea of how the yellow of your choice appears next to your existing upholstery, drapery and flooring. It’s important that you see the yellow at different times of the day with both natural light and the various lighting you have in your space.

The sunny shades of yellow can be brought into a space in various forms; paint, accessories, fabrics or furniture pieces. Often the shades of yellow we choose are so strong that we don’t need more than a punch here or there.  Remember it’s all about balance…

Here are a few examples of the use of a sunny yellow used in various forms:

Sarah’s House Season 1 ~ Office
Space by Jonathan Adler ~ with a pop of yellow in the furniture!
~bringing a splash of yellow in through fabrics~
~using paint to create stripes can create a very interesting visual effect~

Remember to have fun with it and try something different!