Catering to our Men… (or are we really?)

In one of Color Companies past blogs we discusses colour names and what’s in a name.  We know that as a general population we’re all effected by the names of the colours we’re presented with.

LOFT SPACE P5248-44D, BAY STREET BLUE P5005-63 & HIGH ROLLERS P5030-85 ~ These colours are a great selection no matter what the name; however are they better than HOLD MY HAND P5246-44, SANTORINI KISS P5007-52 &  STROLL AWAY P5029-85D? Both sets of colours offer a soft grey, bold blue and deep green… slight variations in colour but very much in the same spectrum. The only difference… the first set were named with a man in mind.

Women look at paint selection in different ways than men… they are likely to feel inspired by names such as  LUNCH AT TIFFANY’S P5219-24, GIFT OF THE GAB P5147-73 or WALKIN IN THE RAIN P5204-85. Though men can also find a connection to paint names; as long as the colour name is one that they can admit they have in their space then they’re happy.

When PARA Paints launched their last colour system about 4 years ago they took the time to look at each colour strip and give it a theme. Themes that worked for everyone; yes there are some colours for the ladies and some that were particularly chosen for the men.  Then there are so colours in-between; palettes about Greece, Italy, Photography and many more.  If you’re looking for a brown, grey, green or deep red theirs a colour that works just for you!

If you’re looking for something different why not try a few of these; great colour, great names and definitely on trend!

  • DIGITAL P5222-62
  • SOAPY WATER P5233-14D
  • FILM FESTIVAL P5221-41
  • EPIPHANY P5159-24
  • SCHMOOZE P5208-85
  • WHIPPED CREAM P5233-14

To see all these colour or find just the perfect colour for you, visit one of your Color Company stores and let them help you find just what you’re looking for.

Remember… there’s something for everyone.


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