Colours of the Summer

This week we thought we’d take some time to review our top colour pick of the summer and how to use them.  Summer always brings some fun & fresh combined with classic and neutral. A little something for everyone…

A splash of Lime

Where to Use It: As we all know using a hint of lime always makes things better? The colour can have the same effect in a room. Use it as a highlight accent, like the backdrop of a bookcase, then bring in smaller accessories in the same colour to complete the look.

Sky Blue

Where to Use It: Just like the sky itself, this shade of blue has a serene, calming presence. We like to see it used in healthy does with fabric, large accessories and on furniture.  It can bring a quieting effect to a bedroom, sitting room or any space where you like to relax and unwind.

Flirty Pink (soft mauve)

Where to Use It: We all know pink is the ultimate girl colour — nothing else can give a room a feminine touch like this blushing hue. This is what makes it the perfect choice for a girls room. Highlighting different shades in a floral fabric and pairing it with purple only intensifies its playful appeal.

Bright & Sunny Yellow!

Where to Use It: Let’s say wow to yellow! This bright, happy colour can’t help but bring a smile to our face. Artwork and accent pillows are two simple ways to let the ‘sunshine’ in to your room. To make this colour pop even more, pair it with a soft neutral, such as gray or white.


Where to Use It: As one of the stars of 2012 coral is a standout shade no matter where you use it. Accessories are a natural fit for this accent colour, whether it’s a pillow sham a lamp shade or a throw. For a bigger statement, why not add an unexpected twist by pairing this vivacious colour with white for a striped ceiling?

Ahoy… Did someone call for Nautical Navy

Where to Use It: If you follow fashion trends, you may have noticed navy is one of the hottest ‘new neutrals.’ Just like black, white and gray, navy can create a statement without overpowering a room. Pair it with bold colours, such as red or pink, to create style-setting combos. Want to follow the nautical trend? Consider using it in a striped pattern for something a little different.

Red (with hints of pink)

Where to Use It: Entry ways are one of the best places to make a statement so why not take a risk and throw a rich red on your walls?Not only does this room set the tone for the rest of the home, it entices guests to want to see every room of your home. A cheerful red is a great option, but there are so many reds out there that you can choose to go with a red that works for you and your space.

Crisp White

Where to Use It: Like laundry draped across a clothesline, a brilliant white can give any space a fresh, clean look. Use white as a neutral backdrop and then accessorize with accent pieces in your favourite colours. Another look is to create a monochromatic design by enveloping the room in an all-white palette, a hot trend in many modern spaces today… check out!

Freshly Squeezed Orange

Where to Use It: When we say summer orange is the colour that comes to mind, whether it’s juice from a roadside stand or cool sherbet on a hot day. For a quick spruce-up, add orange or tangerine throw pillows to a neutral couch. If you’re a true fan of the juicy & fun colour, add statement pieces such as painted side tables or a sideboard. Remember it’s just paint, you can change your mind if you want.

Water’s Edge Blue

Where to Use It: No matter where you live, nothing is as inviting as a cool body of water on a hot summer day. Get the same feeling in your living areas by immersing the room in this cool shade. For a dramatic effect, use the colour on upholstered pieces, drapery panels and accessories.

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