Fall 101

It’s time to focus on making your home cozy for Fall. The kids are back to school so why not take a few lessons yourself.  So if you’re in a house, condo or apartment this class is for everyone.

Lesson #1 Warm Up with Muted Colours

Muted colour are primary or secondary colours mixed with grey to tone them down.  They are a selection of subdued or retrained colours which appear quite soft and easy on the eye.  They are quite cozy and really help to bring a warmth to your space.

Try PARA Paints: digital P5222-62, urban getaway P5215-52, comfortable chinos P5223-31, nairobi red P5187-85 or mud wrap P5228-52

Lesson #2 Go Natural and Organic

Colour isn’t the only way to cozy up… Ditch the particle board, chromed metal and plastic.  You might spend more money going natural and organic, but natural materials are very durable.

Wall Options- Eco friend paints are one way to go, however wood panels, ceramic, tile or cork all are great alternatives to changing the look and feel you space has.

Ceiling Options- Opt for wood panels or beams combined with whitewashed or suspended ceiling.

Flooring Options- Stone or wooden parquet made from European woods, bamboo or cork.

Combinations of lighter and darker woods can give one the opportunity to play with the shades and make patterns. Remember when you’re looking to move into the world of organic & natural that furniture should be make of natural or recycled woods.

Lesson #3 Layer with Patterns & Fabric

Pattern is the shape & form of all elements of your interior design.  The first layer of pattern the eye sees is in fabric. (Mixture of patterns lend to making a room visually interesting.) Pattern gives monochromatic design depth along with adding visual cures to the most colourful and complex rooms.

Pattern is more than fabrics (striped, checked, flowered, graphic or geometric), pattern is also in the arrangement of furniture and accessories.  Pattern is the shape & form of all elements of your interior design.

As you combine shapes within your home, patterns will emerge. Very long rectangles make stripes, while squares within squares make checks or plaids.  An angled sofa in a room creates a triangular effect. Patterns come from putting shapes together and from creating shapes by relating objects to each other.

Hope you’re in the mood for homework… we’re looking forward to seeing where it will get you!  Don’t be afraid to share with the class.

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