Heritage Style From PARA Paints

PARA’s heritage palette is one that makes you feel as though you’ve come home…

True to the past Canadians have never fancied plain walls.  In fact, in the New World, virtually everything was painted – walls, trim, floors and furniture.  Early paint types included whitewash, milk and linseed oil vehicles.  the latter provided paints with a more permanent finish, mixing easily with powdered, earth-based pigments like red oxide, yellow ochre, cobalt blue and lamp black.  Han-mixing the paints for each project gave them a somewhat uneven colour and texture, and it wasn’t until the late 19th century that ready-mixed commercial paint were finally available to everyone.

Today’s design is showing a deep respect for the detail and craftsmanship of the past.  Whether lovingly restoring an old property, or warming a loft with woods and antiques, homeowners have a new appreciation for a richer, more nuanced and evocative palette.  As classic as a doe skin jacket or a little black dress, these colours imbue a room with effortless style that transcends trends.  These are authentic 18th and 19th century colours to use inside and out, as timelessly beautiful now as they were then.

A little colour from the heart… PARA provides tradition that is timeless.  In the PARA Paints heritage collection one can here our Canadian roots whisper to us, in colours that are as stirring as they are graceful, as familiar as family and as comforting as childhood friends.

They paint pictures of our lakes, mountains, tall pines and rugged ocean shorelines.  Of red sumacs and sugar maples, the deep blue of snow shadows, and the palest yellow-pinks and purples of our skies.  They echo a quieter time of cobblestones and church bells, tea in English rose china, taken in sunlit parlours painted robin’s egg blue and lime cordial. Playing checkers on think, patterned rugs in libraries of warm gold, taupe and cherrywood.  Worn, black carriage leather and genteel, white columned houses.

These colours create rooms where children have always played, families have always shared hot soup and crusty bread, friends have always gathered to celebrate around crackling fires. These are forever the colours of Canada – of home.

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