Holiday Gift Wrapping

Honestly I sat down to write this weeks blog and was a little confused on where to start.  With all the trends I’m seeing this holiday season there’s just so much to choose from; Vintage classic colours, bold & bright, whites & metals.

Anyway I thought I’d just review some holiday wrapping ideas that you can use no matter what colour trend you’re drawn to.

The first idea I love because it’s simple and fun… all you need are a variety of white boxes.  You can use different sizes of the same shape or get a few different shapes.  The only other thing you require is coloured masking tape.  Try different colours and different widths to change up the look.

Next we’re talking reduce, reuse, recycle.  Save some of the Saturday & Sunday comics for a couple months and you’ll have a great selection of some options to choose from. Add some coloured ribbon to make the comics come to life and you’re ready to go.

FUN FUN FUN!  That’s what’s comes to mind when I look at the next idea…. again we’re using simple white boxes.  However this time includes a little arts and crafts. All you need is some construction paper your choice. (Obviously it needs to be long enough or wide enough, though you can always attach some pieces together.)  Next take a hole punch and make a pattern, what every you feel like.  The other option is folding the paper in half and cutting a pattern like we did when we made snow flakes when we were younger.

Last but not least… my favourite.  Haven’t seen this before but LOVE the idea. Again white boxes would be great, however any solid colour box or bag would work for this.   All you’ll need is string, a hole punch and colour paint chips of your choice.  Adding a punch of colour through paint chips is something fun and different, and gives you the opportunity to write a little message.  With all the great colour names out there these days, you can also use some of the names as clues to the presented or as a play on words.

What ever you choose, remember to have fun!  As we said the colours this season is anything goes… so if you’re in the mood for traditional, bold, metalics or even something modern you’ll have your pick.

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