Home Decorating 101 (Part I)

As per the request of some of our Facebook friends we decided to take this week (an perhaps a few others) to tackle the basics of home decorating.  Perhaps we’ll call it a crash course in bringing some new life to your space.

The fun thing about home decorating is that you get to play colour, texture & pattern as well as tape measures, design layouts and paint.  (We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again and again… PAINT IS THE MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO MAKE THE BIGGEST CHANGE TO YOUR SPACE.)





Let’s first start with a few decorating tips to keep in mind:

  • Formulate an action plan.  Establish goals. Set priorities. Decide what room or rooms you wan tot finish and in what order. Decorating and redesign goes much better when you have a plan.
  • Fix your budget. Do NOT spend more than what you have.
  • Discover your personal style.  Are you contemporary or Traditional?  Knowing your style eliminates confusion and allows you to find the best choices for your space.
  • Get an idea of the job at hand.  Create a floor plan to get an idea of where you’d like to see things end up.
  • Time to SHOP! Pick stores that stock a large selection for quick delivery or carrying home. Be sure to  shop the internet ahead of time to see the variety of product out there and their prices.
  • Do things step by step. Have all carpentry, wiring & plumbing performed before you cover your walls and floors.  Decorate the ceiling, walls and floor before you bring in the rugs and furniture.
  • Buy major pieces of furniture first and accessories last.
  • Spice up your decor with accessories. Pick pieces with personal meaning… but remember as they say about accessorizing an outfit; remove one piece when you think you’re done as you’ve usually over accessorized.

Next week we’ll tackle furniture facts and measurements for your home and decor projects.

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