Mustard Anyone?

Many of us work within our own colour palettes’s, our life palette.  This palette may take years to figure out, however once we understand that neutrals are the jumping off point to all style we can then layer in some of our favourite accents.  This would include a rainbow of colour in our favourite shades and tones.

Once and a while you’ll add a new accent colour or shade to the mix that will assist in bringing a jolt of excitement to your space. From time to time new trends arise from within the fashion world and these peak our experimental interest.

A beautiful colour palette to consider is black, cream, white, dark grey, tan, sand tones and espresso.  One can try adding beautiful colour tones such as burnt orange, dark pink, china blue, celadon, a deep rustic red and a mustard yellow.

Bringing mustard into the fold can happen in many small ways. Fabrics, decor pieces and paint all offer easy ways to inject this rich hue.  When choosing your paint colour make sure to be bold, very often when it comes to paints we have the desire to drop to a shade lighter.  In fact the deeper the mustard one chooses the more probable  that it becomes inline with your neutrals rather than as an accent colour.

Both PARA Paint and Benjamin Moore offer some beautiful mustards; if you’re unsure where to start when choosing colours the heritage palettes will always provide and array of earthy rich tones to choose from.

Mustard as an accent adds the same hit of bold flavour to a room that a swipe of Dijon does to your ham sandwich.  For modernists, mustard is a good choice for upholstery of vintage chairs and sofas.

So go ahead why not try a dollop of mustard, add a little flavour to your life!

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