Organization 101

This week will be the first of a series of organizational blogs that can help us re-invent our space. With the start of the new school year only days away many look at this as a way to start fresh. It’s not only January 1st that brings change and new commitments, Labour Day weekend can be a new start for many.

We’ll focus throughout the series on the kitchen, bathroom, home office and laundry room. However this week it’s great tips for around the house.  Hope you find a few to be useful and that you have a great long weekend! Life is somewhat back to normal next week! (wink wink)

Let’s take a look at a few inventive ways to bring some order to the various spaces in our home…

  1. Focused on your front foyer, try a long console. Space on top to display any key pieces you’d like to feature and drawers for storage, this is a great functional piece. For additional storage you can also consider a couple ottomans underneath… here you can store mittens, toques, scarves and what not. (Out of sight in the spring & summer)
  2. Have you considered a craft room/space, perhaps you already have one?  When you’re looking at putting together the space this is one where you can let your imagination go. Try bold, bright & fun colours… Create an inspiration board by using a bulletin board with a vintage or modern frame depending on your space. This is great for inspiration and keeps things off counter tops.  Use plastic bins for toys and jars to store craft supplies… old tin cans covered in material are great to hold markers, pens, scissors and other craft tools.
  3. When it comes to the linen closet I think we’ve all been victim to the piles of sheets and towels that fall over and are pushed into spaces to make it all stay (and fit). Adjustable shelves is step number one… ideally 10-12 inches apart. (Essential for air flow and access) On the top shelf try medium baskets to keep face cloths and hand towels in… hopefully this will help with the stacked pile that always comes crashing down.
  4. Tackling the children’s rooms? Always a challenge I know… Customization is key; a window seat with storage, a desk with built in shelving and a handy work space & a bench in the closet to add more drawer space.  Another great organizational tool is magazine racks for all their books (usually better for when their younger).
  5. Probably the most talked about space that we all try and tackle is the the bedroom closet/wardrobe space.  Many of us have a walk in closet… some small some larger but customization is usually key. Many of us look at using built ins, however instead of having them in the entire closet try a free standing set of dresser drawers. Clear pull out trays are great for belts, accessories or even socks. Inexpensive cardboard style boxes fit nicely into cubby holds and a great for smaller pieces you may have.  If you’re a shoe-a-holic and have a few extra pairs kicking around try placing shoes that are more frequently worn on shelves and those used for special occasions or specific season in plastic boxes. If this all seems a little overwhelming there are plenty of ready made units that can be a one stop fix of you.

Some of you may have already tackled some of these tricks, however for those who haven’t good luck and have fun!

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