Colour how, colour when?

August 3rd, 2012 | Comments »

This week lets do facts on colour… something fun!

What colours to paint your home and why?

  • Office: Try a shade of blue as it’s your most productive colour.
  • Bedroom: Use green as it projects tranquility and health.
  • Girls Bedroom: There’s a reason its all about pinks, it’s both calming and warm.
  • Kitchen: Have you thought about yellow? It can increase one’s metabolism, brightens your space and gives you more energy.
  • Living Room: If you’re looking to calm your nerves and get a little R&R think lavender. Even a grey lavender if you’re looking for something more gender neutral.
  • Dinning Room: If you’re looking to try something BOLD now is your time… give it a pop of red as it encourages appetite.

Primary Colour Psychology

  • Yellow
    • Cheerful or Warm
    • Most likely to strain eyes and or cause eye fatigue
    • It has been known to make babies cry. So painting a babies room in yellow is not suggested… however pale shades of creamy yellow are not in the same category if you had your heart set on yellow for your new bundle of joy.
  • Blue
    • Colour most preferred by men
    • Calmness or Serenity
    • Most used colour for offices (helps with productivity)
    • Curbs appetites
    • Associates with water & peace
  • Red
    • Evokes strong emotions
    • Encourages appetite (many restaurants used red in their signage/ads to encourage this)
    • Passion or Intensity
    • Red roses symbolize love

**Studies have been know to show that red can make you do poorly on exams.  Red is considered to impair performance on achievement tasks, because red is associated with the danger of failure in achievement context and evokes avoidance motivation.

Accent Colours

  • Purple
    • Royalty, Wealth, Success & Wisdom (Many kings wore purple robes.)
  • White
    • Purity, Innocence, Empty, Spacious (Great for creating the illusion of space)
  • Orange
    • Excitement, Enthusiasm, Warmth, Caution (Also used to draw attention; reasons to be used in signage)
  • Green
    • Health, Tranquility, Money, Nature (Workers in green environments have fewer stomach aches)
  • Brown
    • Reliability, Practicality, Boredom & Earth
  • Pink
    • Calming, Love & Romance (Pink has been known to be used in prisons & locker rooms to keep those in the space calm)
  • Black
    • Evil, Death, Mourning, Slimming (Ancient Egyptians believe it symbolized death and rebirth)

What about colours used in advertising… ever wondered why these brands are using the colours they are?

  • Blue: Often used in corporate business as it is productive & not invasive.
    • Forbes, AT&T and Medical Companies such as Blue Cross
  • Green: Long been the symbol of fertility and once was the preferred colour choice for wedding gowns in the 15th century.
    • Even today green M&M’s (north american candy) are send to send a sexual message
  • Red: Used by many restaurants to stimulate appetite.
    • McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC & Wendy’s
  • Lavender, Pink & White
    • More feminine helps to target audience very quickly and is clean and calming. (Brands such as Oprah, Victoria Secret  & the National Breast Cancer Foundation all take this approach.)
  • Black, White, Silver & Gold
    • Often used for luxury items to enhance the feeling of sophistication. (Brands such as Prada, Channel & Michael Kors have adopted this approach.)


Red & White… DO YOU BELIEVE?

July 25th, 2012 | Comments »


The time has come for us to don our red and white and cheer for those Canadian athletes that have made the trip across the big pond to represent Canada in the 2012 Olympic games.  As London England gets sets to be centre stage this Friday for the opening ceremony there will be over 4 billion people watching as this country celebrates the 3rd time they are hosting the games.  England played host in 1908 and 1948 and will break the record for most times hosted this year.  In 1948 the top country to win medals was the Unites States and that year England won 3 golds.  I’m sure as we fast forward 64 years everyone has their sights set higher.  At the 2008 games in Beijing Canadian’s placed 14th overall in the medal count with 3 Gold, 9 Silver & 6 Bronze.  This was 5 places higher than the 2004 games in Athens where Canadian’s placed 19th over all with 3 Gold, 6 Silver & 3 bronze. I’m hoping to see us break that 3 gold medal count and increase our overall standings. One never know what will happen on the day of an event… everything can change in the blink of an eye.

With the Olympic fever that Canadians felt during the 2012 Winter Olympics I believe that many are looking forward to take that momentum and cheer on our Canadians while they’re overseas.  Once again CTV Canada has the broadcast rights and we’re all looking forward to the great coverage that they offer; sporting events, athlete profiles and facts about the 2012 Olympics and the great host country. (I don’t know about you, but my channel didn’t move from CTV for the entire Winter games and I’m anticipating the same this time around.)  This Friday July 27th coverage will kick off at 2pm (Eastern) with the Preview show and Opening Ceremonies. The first week of broadcasting will showcase such sports as:

  • Rowing
  • Women’s Basketball
  • Road Cycling – Men
  • Women’s Soccer
  • Men’s Gymnastics
  • Equestrian
  • Men’s Boxing
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Judo
  • Water Polo
  • And more….

While week 2 will focus on:

  • Women’s Triathlon
  • Men’s Soccer
  • Diving
  • Track Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Women’s Marathon
  • Women’s Volleyball
  • Men’s Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Women’s Boxing
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Men’s beach Volleyball
  • Men’s Triathlon
  • And much more….

For a complete viewing schedule visit


As 205 Nations come together to compete in over 300 events they are looking to Inspire A Generation’. Here are a few fun facts about the 2012 games in London, England.

  • The 2012 games are projected to generate 12,000 new jobs in the Olympic Park
  • 31 competition venues will be used
  • 20,000 press/media will be in attendance
  • There will 500,000 spectators per day with at least 350,000 being foreign visitors

All in all the stage is set for another fantastic Summer Games. I look forward to the wins, celebrations and stories behind our athletes. As we’re only days away I focus on the Canadian teams olympic mantra of sorts ‘Give Your Everything’… I have no doubt they’ll all arrive ready to give it their all.

Good Luck to our Canadian Olympic Team! I BELIEVE

Hang your artwork… and hopefully not screw up!

July 12th, 2012 | Comments »

Once the painting is done  and the decor is in place most of us are ready to tackle the re-hanging of our artwork or our new artwork. However many of us are at a loss when it comes to how to properly hang our art or photo’s. This week I thought we’d explore a few tips on getting the job done and hopefully coming out with the wholes in the wall that should actually be there and not more.

If you stick to this standard, you can create a harmony among all the pictures in your home, as they will always hang in relationship to one another from their centers, not their sides. Additionally, it helps solve the problem many people have, which is that they hang their pictures too high.

Step By Step:

1. Measure and lightly mark 57″ on the wall
2. Measure top of your picture to the middle (or take height and divide by 2)
3. Measure top of your picture to the tightened wire (a small amount)
4. Subtract this last amount to tell you how far above 57″ your hook should go
5. Measure up from 57″ with this last amount and lightly mark on the wall


1. Picture is 20″ tall
2. Middle is 10″ down from top (this should rest at 57″)
3. Wire comes to 2″ below the top
4. 10″ – 2″ = 8″
5. Lightly mark 8″ above your first mark OR 65″ on the wall

Reading it through may be slight confusing, however taking it step by step it will all make sense. The thing to always remember is that the CENTER of all your pictures are hanging at the same 57″, and you are just figuring out where the hook goes above it.

This 57″ also applies to groups of pictures. Think of a group as ONE picture. After you arrange how you want them all to hang (doing this on the floor makes it easier), start with the center picture/pictures and get them at 57″ on center. Then surround them with the rest of the group.

A few points of caution…

  • Take care when drilling or hammering nails into the wall. There may be electrical wires or plumbing in the wall that could cause damage to the structure, personal injury or death.
  • Keep the artwork out of the way when measuring and drilling. You often don’t have to unwrap the artwork until you are ready to hang the piece.
  • In principle, these instructions can be used to hang any size and weight of artwork, but make sure your fixing implements are strong enough to hold the weight of the piece.
  • Make sure the wall can support what is to be hung.

Things you’ll need…

  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil & eraser
  • Level
  • Drill (or Hammer)
  • Drill bits
  • Screw driver
  • Screws (or Nails) or picture hooks
  • Wire

Hopefully this quick explanation gets you on your way to the finishing touches of your newly decorated space!