PARA Paints 2012 Colour Trends

This year PARA Paints has gone through their archives and taken a few colours from the past to pull together this years trend palette.  They’ve actually broken their colour choices into 4 design palettes; Digital, Rhythm, Urbanage, Inhale. Each palette has a number of colours to choose from, so it really allows you to find something that works with what you have in your space currently as well as your comfort level.

The first palette is one that is alive & playful! Digital is a palette that is charged with modern greys, blacks and reds; but brings a luminous energy that inspires ones creative clarity.  This palette delivers high speed hues that give sharp definition to a room’s style and sense of form and function.

Some of my favourite colours from this palette are: cleopatra P5009-52, sing time P5221-34D & tuxedo P5249-85

The second palette shows us that design trends are as global as commerce and culture. Rhythm gives us a bold and electric collection that show a strong multi cultural influence.  This is hybrid palette, a primal & evocative effect yet with a luxurious regal affair.

A few colours that jump out here are:  saffron P5055-73, lily pads P5043-73D &lustful P5150-85

The third palette; Urbanage is a well-heeled, well honed downtown chic.  City dwellers tastes in colour are more gown up, they speak to sophistication that is posh & polished.  Ambrose Price says ‘A well-designed urban space should reflect the character of the city’, and PARA definitely pulls this through in this palette.

Personally this is my favourite palette, it has bold and strong colours combined with feminine, soft hues to balance the space. It’s the palette that also showcases some of the colours we saw on the runways for spring 2012.  Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of the colours in this palette.

  • leaning tower of pisa P5167-34D
  • soft lavender P5237.34
  • lunch at tiffany’s P5219-24
  • city scape P5219-62
  • tribeca square P5207-34
  • little black dress P5195-85
  • yahoo P5181-24D
  • ravished P5141-85

The final palette is one that showcases how we are naturally drawn to organic textures & comforting earth tones.  Inhale is a palette that shares with us both neutral & soulful, while also providing muted overtones that bathe the room with a measured calm.

Some of my favourite colours from this palette are steamed P5225-34, download P5222-83 & ocean seawall P5201-34


Looking through the palettes and the vibe they provide there really is a little something here for everyone. The main thing to take away is don’t be afraid to try a little colour. Lots to choose from ~ Happy Painting!

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