Signs, Colours & Inspiration of Summer

This week I wanted to take more of a visual approach to the blog… provide a few signs, colours & inspiration of summer. We also would love to know what summer means to you… what colours, smells, signs all say summer. (Now that it’s officially here.)

Time to hit the waterways…


The waterways in Ontario and throughout Canada provide many interesting colours. Rocks, greenery, water and the vessels traveling them can provide numerous points of inspiration.

One of our famous locks on the Trent/Severn waterway.


Hitting the water ways is something that Canadians from coast to coast will be doing throughout the summer. Being on the water can provide inspiration of many kinds.

Traveling the Canadian countryside


Taking time to travel our vast country by train is another fantastic way to experience the bold and beautiful colours throughout the country.

Water is always an inspiration!


Who can say No to time sitting by the water? Blue skies, sunsets and and a lot of activity.

Let’s hit the beach!


Anything more to say… it’s time for the beach!

Can you smell the coals burning?

Grill time is always a good time… a definite summer MUST!

Who doesn’t love a summer flip flop?


And I think for me FLIP FLOPS = summer! Spring hits and the count down is on for when we can permanently move into the flip flop zone. So many colours, styles and patterns! Love it!

Now we want to know… what reminds you of summer! Colours, foods, places… let us know. We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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