Spotlight on Benjamin Moore…

Benjamin Moore began his business venture in 1883 manufacturing a coating for walls called Calsom Finish in a small building in Brooklyn, New York  with his older brother, Robert M. Moore.  1889 saw the inception of a New York Corporation which shortly thereafter formed the present New Jersey Corporation we see today.

In his earliest years as founder of the Company, Benjamin Moore articulated a personal philosophy that became the company’s first credo. He believed the company should pursue “The application of Intelligence to Industry based upon Integrity.” The three key words of that statement; Intelligence, Industry, and Integrity, were soon adopted as the three core values of the organization. These values are also known today as Leadership, Innovation and Performance.

In 1892, Benjamin Moore refined the process he originally developed for his Calsom Finish and introduced a new product called MURESCO – a wall and ceiling finish unique for its time. So popular was MURESCO that it became a household name and has found a place in Webster’s Standard Dictionary.

Over the years, there followed a number of new and innovative products: SANI-FLAT, a lead free, decorative, flat finish that could withstand frequent washings. Then came UTILAC, quick drying enamel that became a popular replacement for the volatile lacquers of the period.

Due to extraordinary and growing demand for its paint products, Benjamin Moore and Co. launched an expansion program in 1897. This was done to provide proper service to a growing customer base.

And Then Came Canada…

Over the next ten years, the Company established a subsidiary in Chicago, and    built a factory in that city. It erected a plant in New Jersey and purchased a            factory in Cleveland.

On September 7, 1906 the Canadian company was incorporated.                      Benjamin Moore was elected president at the first shareholders meeting held        on September 11, 1906. In 1911 Fred Moore, Benjamin’s half brother, became Treasurer and managing director of the Canadian subsidiary. He later became the first Canadian residing president in 1937. This laid the groundwork for what is now Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited.

The company was first established in the City of Toronto. The plant on Lloyd Avenue was purchased on January 14, 1907. The operation flourished and a warehouse was opened in Montreal in 1923 and other warehousing arrangements were established in Halifax, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and Vancouver in the ‘20s. Vancouver shipments from Toronto were sometimes shipped via the Panama Canal, an all water route of 8,500 miles.

In 1953, a fully equipped factory in Montreal was built. Still later, in 1962, a third plant was constructed, this time in Burnaby, British Columbia, which later relocated to Aldergrove, British Columbia in 1991. In the year 2000, the North American Company reorganized manufacturing. The Aldergrove plant ceased manufacturing and became the main office/distribution centre for the Western Region. Manufacturing in the Toronto plant also was discontinued after 94 years. The Burlington, Ontario manufacturing facility (formerly Technical Coatings Co. Limited) was expanded to centralize all solvent-based production and the Montreal facility also expanded and became an all-latex facility.

In December, 2000 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. purchased Benjamin Moore & Co. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is a holding company owning subsidiaries engaged in a number of diverse business activities. (Warren E. Buffett is Chairman of Berkshire’s Board of Directors.)

Today Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited has grown to over 275 dedicated employees, committed to delivering the finest products and services to Independent Retailers, Consumers and Contractors across Canada.

With rapidly changing economic times we remain focused on our vision and our strategy of Supporting and Strengthening the Independent Retail Channel and Protecting, Enhancing and Leveraging the Benjamin Moore Brand. In support of this strategy the company has introduced exciting programs like the Signature Store Program, and The Painting & Decorating Services Initiative. With the success of these programs the Company remains competitive and progressive in today’s marketplace as The Colour Experts – a claim that traces to Betty Moore, (our first spokesperson), in the 1950s, the introduction of Moor-O-Matic custom colours in the 1960s, and Moore’s Colour Matching System in the 1970s, a world first!

Some Key Products From The Benjamin Moore Brand

Experience premium performance in a paint with incredible hide, and  fade & colour rub-off resistance.

Aura® Interior Products
Quite simply the finest paint we’ve ever made®

See colour like you’ve never seen it before – discernibly truer, richer hues that bring a new dimension of beauty to your home. Experience premium performance in a paint with incredible hide, and fade and colour rub-off resistance.

ben offers great value with all of the performance qualities you expect from a premium interior and exterior paint from Benjamin Moore.

ben is a low-VOC, low-odor paint available in any colour you can imagine to suit any lifestyle and every décor. ben makes fabulous style easy and affordable.  ben has what you need to make it your home: thousands of stylish colour choices, great Benjamin Moore quality, at a great everyday premium value.

Video- ben by Benjamin Moore

Capture colours anywhere with ben Colour Capture

The ben Colour Capture iPhone app lets you capture any colour that catches your eye and instantly find its match from Benjamin Moore’s thousands of colour selections, now including our Designers Classics collection.

1 2 3… it’s just that easy

  • Snap a picture of your colour inspiration, tap on the image and instantly reveal the closest Benjamin Moore paint colour.
  • or …

  • Access the colour wheel and tap on an area to find a Benjamin Moore colour.
  • Reveal harmony colours for your selections with a simple shake of the phone.
  • Then you can …

  • Tap on the swatch to see a full screen sample.
  • Save colours to your Favourites and add notes.
  • Visit your Color & Design Centre in London and start painting!

You can download the free ben Colour Capture app to your iPhone at the iTunes App Store.

With Benjamin Moore Natura™ paint, you have an environmentally friendly option when it comes to painting the interior of your home, and you can count on the beauty and quality you expect from Benjamin Moore.

Video- Natura by Benjamin Moore

Visit London Ontario’s Color &       Design Centre, your one stop for   all your Benjamin Moore needs.   The staff is here to help with all     your product and colour questions!

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