Staining Time… Are you ready?

With sunny and dry days ahead, many have begun thinking about their staining projects. Fences, decks and windows & doors just to name a few.  We thought we’d take the time to take a deeper look at stains and the great Sikkens product we carry at Color Company.

At Color Company we’re pleased to be able to offer you a strong stain product such as Sikkens, it’s high end finishes offer nothing less than the best.  With products of the most superior quality Sikkens finishes provide any wood with a unique appearance, superior durability and outstanding performance.

Sikkens offers a choice of  Translucent, Semi Transparent and Solid stains for your projects.  Depending on the type of project you’re working on you may have a smaller choice due to some finishes/colours only being suited for a particular product or type of wood.  If you’re unsure of your choices or where to start we’re happy to help.  Drop into any of our stores and we’d be glad to get you on your way.  Here’s a quick overview of the colours Sikkens finishes offer:

Here are a few Do’s and Do Not’s when it comes your staining projects:


  • apply stain between the temperatures of 10-35 degrees celcius  (temperatures should be consistent for three days prior… if temps drop above or below the range for one of three days prior it could effect the final outcome.)
  • stir stain well before applying
  • saturate all end grains, nail holes, cavities and cracks in the wood
  • maintain wet edges to prevent lap marks
  • apply stain in direction of wood grain


  • Do not apply stain in direct sunlight (late afternoon or dusk might be a great option if you’re not an early riser)
  • Do not apply stain when a surface is too hot to touch
  • Do not apply stain when dew, rain or frost is present or expected within 5 hrs
  • Do not thin the stain
  • Do not apply stain when moisture content of the wood is greater than 18%

Staining is a great way to bring out natural grains and keep the natural colour, if that’s what you’re looking for.  Though for those projects that you’re looking for a paint like finish then your choices of solid stains are definitely the way to go. Regardless of the direction… Color Company has just the product, finish and colour you’ll need.

Here’s a SMART TIP to get you on you’re way: It is always recommended  to perform a colour test on a sample of wood being used in the project.  And remember to apply the number of coats required so you can see what the finished product will result in.

Good Luck!


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