Weekend design & decor projects… easy as 1,2,3

We often talk about what we want to accomplish in a weekend or the projects we’d like to tackle… if you’re looking for some change, but don’t want to commit to more than a weekend then here are a few projects to get you going!

  1. Redo your front door… find a great pop of colour to change your curb appeal.  Ask your Color Company staff to suggest the right finish for your door. Check out the colour Schmooze from PARA as an option. (Love me a red front door)
  2. Update your window treatments; take the standard store bought panels you have and put your creative juices to work. Add some extra material to change the look.
  3. Update your kitchen cabinets; if you’re looking for a quick and cheap reno this is a great route to take.  With a coat of paint and an update to your hardware you’ll give your space a whole new look.
  4. Refresh your bedroom; here’s your chance to give your space some new personality.  Consider a fresh coat of paint, something new and different from what you currently have. Step outside of that box!  Next look at getting some new bedding and unique lighting to change up your space.
  5. Update your bookcases.  This is more about organizing & arranging, but adding a pop of colour on the back is a great way to bring some additional colour to the space. Remember book shelves are not just for books… try adding some decorative elements to break up the space.
  6. Millwork… yes adding or upgrading moulding with baseboards or crown moulding can really elevate a room.
  7. Dress up your space with mirrors… mirrors will definitely give the illusion of more space in your room. A symmetrical arrangement stand out for both its space-enlarging reflections & its graphic symmetry.
  8. Tile your backsplash… if you’re looking for a quick kitchen reno and to add some sophistication to your space then consider a great backsplash.
  9. Paint fun stripes… pick a wall and add some colour. Depending on your current wall colour you may want to choose only one colour, however for those of you who are looking for a bit more of a risk then consider two or three. Just remember painting the stripes isn’t the tough part, but it is important to take the time to prep.  This way you can pull off a strong stripe.
  10. How about a mantel reno? This is more about a fresh coat of paint and revamping your accessories.
  11. Create a custom shelf… consider your entryway, bathroom or a bedroom. There are many pre fabricated shelves to use but give it your own twist. Pick a decorative theme that speaks to you or your family.
  12. Who doesn’t love a home office?  Visit your local office supply store and pick up your fun & colourful organization tools. Make this space all about you and having it function for yours or your families needs.
  13. Pictures… put together a family gallery or a stairway gallery to bring a personal touch to your space.  When you’re creating galleries the key is to use the same colour of frame. Feel free to pick different shapes and sizes.
  14. Make a new headboard…one idea, take two salvaged windows. These are a great alternative to the ordinary. Thinking outside the box can create a focal point you’d not previously thought of.
  15. Create an instant mudroom in your front or back foyer. Start with a bench, this is a great focal point.  Add other items such as a rug (think colour), coat rack, boot tray and umbrella stand.  You might also want to consider some individual cubbies so there is space to store your gloves, scarves and other outdoor items.

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