What’s in your closet? What your clothes have to say when it comes to their colour…

We thought we’d take some time to look at what the colour of your clothes have to say about you… as the pilgrimage  to Hollywood North comes to a close and we’ve seen so many great fashion finds throughout TIFF it’s hard not to examine our own closets and what Fall finds we might like to add. Here are a few

Black– Authority

If you work in a downtown of any major city this is the most popular colour you’ll see… and the go to shade for fashionistas. Black is the universal colour of authority, it has been shown that wearing the dark colour can make others believe you’re more competent and powerful.  If you’re looking to to the edge off or not make your outfit look as sharp try choosing something that has embellishments, ruffles or lace.

Red– Romance

Red is the sexpot at the rainbow’s end. It was found that men are more attracted to women wearing the ruby hue.  It is considered  that red is a stimulant for men; that it boosts arousal and makes them more into the chase.

Purple– Creativity

Looking for some inspiration? Grab some purple and throw it on.  The regal & royal colour of purple draws out the creative artist within us, and because it’s one of those colors that people either love or hate, wearing it sends the message that you’re a self-assured free thinker. If you’re looking for a more chic look using purple then try either brown or charcoal grey with this gorgeous hue.

Orange– Fun

If you’re looking for a more pull together note, then this may not be the colour choice for you!  Orange gives off a very enthusiastic and inviting vibe; it has been said that you should wear it when you’re looking to appear more friendly, social or approachable.  If you don’t feel an orange top or dress isn’t your thing, try a belt or a pair of shoes to give a pop of colour.

Green– Happiness

If you’re looking for something to pop you out of the mood you’ve been in then green is your go to colour.  Some think that the positive vibe that comes from green is from its connection to nature. Green can instantly bring about feelings of contentment.


This serene shade can soothe the person wearing it and makes the people around them feel at ease. However it’s important to consider the setting you’ll be in when choosing a tone. “Midnight hues (Navy) are great at job interviews, while lighter shades make party guests feel comfortable in your presence.

So what do you think? How do you feel in these colours… maybe when you’re looking to be in control, calm your life down slightly, go for a big interview or seduce your other half you’ll consider the colour here.


Have a great weekend!

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