Who’s ready for a little more sunshine?

Decorating With Yellow

“Use this happy hue to bring a sunny disposition to your space.”

Yellow is known to be such a positive colour… an inspiration we’ve seen in such iconic pieces as the YELLOW SUBMARINE, YELLOWPOKA DOT BIKIN, YELLOW BRICK ROAD and more recently the ever so popular LIVESTRONG YELLOW!

Lance Armstrong has been quoted  many times saying “Yellow wakes me up in the morning. Yellow gets me on my bike everyday. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice. Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow is the reason I am here.”

Depending on the amount of red or blue it contains, yellow can have different personalities. Yellows with a red undertone are warm and welcoming, so they’re great on large pieces of furniture and walls― Yellows with a hint of blue can come off as cold, so they’re best used sparingly, on accessories or small furnishings. But pale, buttery yellows “function as neutrals,”  and can work just about anywhere.

Yellow is a classic wall colour that really never goes out of style. I would suggest one of the following paint colours: PARA’s White Corn/ Corn Silk or Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight/ Lighthouse. Keep in mind that the paint colour will look different from room to room. It’s suggested that you test out a few colours you like on 1’ by 1’ piece of foam core or scrap wood first and look at them at different times of day in all the rooms you plan to paint. This process will also give you a good idea of how the yellow of your choice appears next to your existing upholstery, drapery and flooring. It’s important that you see the yellow at different times of the day with both natural light and the various lighting you have in your space.

The sunny shades of yellow can be brought into a space in various forms; paint, accessories, fabrics or furniture pieces. Often the shades of yellow we choose are so strong that we don’t need more than a punch here or there.  Remember it’s all about balance…

Here are a few examples of the use of a sunny yellow used in various forms:

Sarah’s House Season 1 ~ Office
Space by Jonathan Adler ~ with a pop of yellow in the furniture!
~bringing a splash of yellow in through fabrics~
~using paint to create stripes can create a very interesting visual effect~

Remember to have fun with it and try something different!

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